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Speaking & Workshops

We help business leaders eliminate chronic stress and perform at their highest level.

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Chronic stress has dramatic long term detrimental effects on productivity, performance, health, relationships, creativity and overall quality of life.

It is not only costing businesses but more importantly the people running them.

The good news? It's preventable.

We are passionate about teaching you how to scientifically rewire your brain to create freedom from chronic stress and perform at your highest level.

With over 15 years of experience working with companies and individuals, we know what works. 

David inspires and educates you to break through what is holding you back and leaves you feeling like anything is possible through his talks and workshops.


Erase Stress and Achieve Your Best

How much negative impact does stress have on your personal and professional life?


Everyone knows that high stress levels have detrimental effects on our health, happiness and well being. Yet, so many people (up to 71%) report regularly feeling stressed out at work. Why is that? It is because we are not taught how to deal with it. This inspiring and educational presentation will teach you where stress comes from and what you can do about it. You will walk away

1. with practical steps you can implement right away that will leave you feeling like anything is possible.




8 keys to eliminate chronic stress and reach your full potential

Expanding on the foundation of the keynote, this highly interactive workshop is designed to teach you what we aren't taught in school. What is stress? Where does it come from? What can I do about it?

We will walk your team through a deep dive of our 8 keys framework. Each person will leaving having learned how to identify their biggest roadblocks, eliminate chronic stress, and perform at their highest level.

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What People Say

I have seen David speak and have recommended him a number of times over the past few years. What I love about his speaking style is that he always makes the participants feel as though its an intimate conversation directed at them. He gives practical and valuable ideas that will help you overcome hurdles and push to the next level. 

Lisa S


(value statement)

I have over 15 years experience coaching and training individuals, small groups and companies. ​ 

​I help business owners and leaders create the life they truly desire by teaching them how to rewire their brain. I do this through coaching, speaking and teaching workshops. As a result, my clients feel happy and healthy and create FREEDOM.

I have spent my entire professional life seeking out the best to learn from so that I can bring tremendous value to you. Most recently I was mentored directly by Dr. Mike Smith - CEO of John Mattone Global (John Mattone was Steve Jobs' coach).

​When I'm not coaching I love spending time with my family and adventuring in the Washington cascades. My favorite ways to adventure are climbing, trail running and splitboarding.

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