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What People Say


To say David changed my life is an understatement. To have someone bring you from what you believed was the point of no return to where I am today is so humbling. David believed in me before I knew what that looked like for myself. He has found his calling in life, and I am forever thankful to of found him to bring me where I am today.


David Weaver is an absolutely top notch executive coach. I literally can't imagine a better thought partner to help me unlock the impact I can have on my organization. He's transformed my thinking, my work systems, my organizational process....the guy literally sees into every important aspect of performance and won't allow you to be mediocre. I'm beyond thankful for David helping me change the way I think about myself, which has resulted in much improved happiness and health. He calls out the best in me and inspires me to be my best. I highly recommend him to anyone who has plateaued and wants to unlock their potential.

Dr Mike Smith

Over the years I have mentored and trained a number of coaches & leaders, as well as being a coach & leader myself. And I have to say that getting to know and work with David over the last couple of years has been an amazing experience! David truly role models courage, humility, vulnerability and wisdom just to name a few. He is very authentic and genuine in how he conducts his business and friendships! He had made a lasting, positive impact on my life, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch coach

Dr. Jamil Sayegh

David is a fantastic coach with a truly extensive business knowledge. One of the things I love the most about David is his ability to simplify complex matters into exactly what you need most at the time.


I didn’t realize how much I needed David’s help until I started working with him. I was so pleased with the direction and excitement infused into my business from our conversations. He guided me to discover what really gives me joy from my work and helped me brainstorm areas to grow my business. Most importantly, he takes the time to listen, to help his clients on a case by case basis, and give them guidance that is tailored to their needs and ambitions. I can’t rave enough about my experience with David as a business coach.


David is the coach who has been helping me CRUSH my goals. He will help you find the heart center of your work and then build the infrastructure to bring it into the world. 


I'm just letting you know how helpful you are in developing and growing my business. We had a great team meeting today. I was back on track and set the tone that I wanted. It was all good! I just wanted to say thank you.


I felt heard, understood and most importantly, felt even more confident about achieving all of my ambitious goals!


The last two years I felt incredibly lost and I didn’t know what I needed. I did know that something drastic needed to happen in order for me to pull myself out of the funk I was in. With David’s mentorship I have learned so much to deal with conflict and anxiety in a healthy and productive manner.  

I feel the best that I have in a long time both mentally and physically. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for that. I am excited to see what the future brings with my journey.

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